Iris Paper Lacquer Collection

Pacific Connections

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One of our favorites is the Iris Box with mesmerizing Iris paper inlay created by Iris folding, a paper craft technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form an Iris-like design. As each marbleized pattern is handmade, no two pieces are ever the same

Pacific Connections makes the highest quality lacquer finished home accessories. The lacquer is hand poured, dried and polished (not spray-painted) with care by Pacific Connections artisans. This time consuming process is repeated several times to achieve a super smooth and sleek surface.

  • Pencil/Toothbrush Cup 3" x 3" x 4.5"H
  • Small Box with Lid 3.5" x 3.5" x 4"H
  • Soap Dish 4" x 5" x 1"H
  • Square Box 5" x 5" x 3"H
  • Vanity Tray 8" x 12" x .75"H


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