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Dorian Webb's Pegasus Chandelier by Viaggio Home, features an exquisite prism embellished frame draped in Venetian-glass with layers of crystal prisms and topaz & rose drops with flowers.
  • Dimension: 24" D x 34" HT
  • Finish: Gold
  • Light: 8 Chandelier Type Bulbs
  • All glass is made of Venetian glass, handmade in Italy using techniques from the twelfth century. Each chandelier is designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • Some Venetian glass components incorporate 24 karat gold, white gold, and/or sterling silver. Chandeliers are designed with a respect for traditional Venetian glass chandeliers, and an eye for American tastes and décor. Color, and the ways in which color combined with composition, evoke images and places, are the inspiration for each piece.

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